sour «sowr», adjective, verb, noun, adverb.
1. having a taste like that of vinegar or lemon juice; sharp and biting: »

Most green fruit is sour.

SYNONYM(S): acid, acidulous, tart.
2. fermented; acid as a result of fermentation; spoiled. Sour milk is healthful, but most foods are not good to eat when they have become sour. SYNONYM(S): rancid, curdled.
3. having a foul or rank smell: »

sour breath, a sour medicine.

4. Figurative. a) disagreeable, bad-tempered, or peevish: »

a sour face, a sour remark. Sour to them that loved him not; but to those men that sought him, sweet as summer (Shakespeare).

b) dull; flat; stale: »

The TV joke that may turn sour (Observer).

5. unusually acid: »

sour soil.

6. cold and wet; damp: »

sour weather.

7. possessing contaminating amounts of sulfur: »

sour gasoline.

–v.i., v.t.
to become or make sour; turn sour: »

The milk soured while it stood in the hot sun.Figurative. Such suffering would probably have soured the kindest temper (William Godwin).

1. something sour, distasteful, or disagreeable: »

the sweets we wish for, turn to loathed sours (Shakespeare).

2. U.S. a sour alcoholic drink, such as whiskey and lemon juice: »

a whiskey sour.

3. a mildly acid bath or steep, used in bleaching, and dyeing.
in a sour manner: »

Figurative. to look sour.

SYNONYM(S): disagreeably, crossly.
[Old English sūr]
sour´ly, adverb.
sour´ness, noun.
Synonym Study adjective.4 Sour, tart, acid, used figuratively to describe a person, or his looks, disposition, words, manner of expression, or the like, mean having a quality of harshness or sharpness. Sour suggests bad temper, surly rudeness, grouchiness, or sullenness: »

a sour disposition.

Tart suggests sharp and stinging qualities: »

Her tart answer showed her slight irritation.

Acid suggests biting, sarcastic, severely critical qualities: »

I read an acid comment on the acting in our school play.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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